Participate at the largest gathering for Instrumentation Control & Automation

2nd Annual Middle East Instrumentation Control & Automation
Conference and Showcase 2021
"Access to the world's most important markets"
SEPTEMBER 28th - 30th 2021, DUBAI, UAE


2nd Annual Middle East Instrumentation Control
& Automation Conference and Showcase 2021

The event is scheduled to take place on 28th - 30th September 2021 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to show itself as an ideal location for the world of business and trade in Middle East. The upcoming event will gather the technical experts from all over the world to discuss the latest technology related to Instrumentation control, automation and Industrial Cyber Security for various Industries and to network with key industry peers. The forum will enhance communication and help in exchanging knowledge between the major stakeholders.

Mr Abdulrahman Al Fadhel

MEICA 2019 Executive Chairman
Manager - Riyadh Refinery

“It is my pleasure to chair this great conference that was dedicated to a very important and critical topic – Instrumentation and Control which was never being addressed in a conference like this and I thank Aldrich for the great effort they have done for planning, preparing and executing the event. It was excellent from all aspects – subject matter experts, exhibitors, preparation, the communication. I think we enjoyed the great 3 days having networking with the subject matter experts”

Mr Mamdouh Al Aidarous

MEICA 2019 Technical Chairman
Engineering Consultant CSD
Saudi Aramco

Mr Talal S Al Gaidi

MEICA 2019 Keynote Speaker
Senior Manager, Asset Technology Development. Manufacturing

Ms Rebecca Vangenechten

MEICA 2019 Keynote Speaker
Vice President – Process Automation

Theme 2021:

New Products Improving

Process Efficiency

& Safety.

The selection of right instrumentation plays a vital role in the energy industry. It aids in heightened efficiencies, allows for reduced environmental impacts and is a valuable face to stay competitive. Witness some of the most renowned Industrial giants, manufacturers, Chief Engineers of Oil producers, refinery’s Intrumentation and automation technology providers as they gather together in the world’s premier Instrumentation event to discover opportunities and find solutions for the current challenges of the industry. Aldrich is proud to bring you this remarkable event.

The premier instrumentation equipment events gathering is driving force behind technological progress to address the needs of end user and towards more efficient and reliable equipment which will improve the overall productivity of plants / organizations.


MEICA 2021 is lead by some of the leading local, regional and international executives, managers and technical experts from the fields of Intrumentation control, Automation & Industrial Cyber Security.

Meet and interact with these industry experts to know about the latest developments, insights, challenges and opportunities impacting the heavy industry.

Making Business-Meeting Your Potential Customers

MEICA gets to the importance of the core values to grip with the key issues and sets new trends.

Innovations Driving the Transformation of Industry

All the key technologies at one venue.

The performance and uptime of instrumentation equipment play an important role in business profitability in industries such as oil & gas, mining, chemicals and in safety operations in the oil and gas industry depends upon the quality and reliability of instrumentaion equipment and therefore, these machines form an important part of infrastructure. One of the most important metric used in these operations is return on capital employed, which depends in large part on the selection of instrumentaion equipments.

We help connect the dots and let innovation set the standard with some of the breakthrough trends.

Key Technologists

- Instrumentation & Control Engineers

- Maintenence Professionals

- Cyber Security Experts

- Equipment Manufacturers

- Automation Engineers

- Plant Managers

- Academicians

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Design Engineering

Advances in Control Systems

Installation & Commissioning

Maintaining and Modifying Existing Systems

Industrial Internet of Things 4.0

Managing Operations

HSE & Quality Standards

Cutting Capital & Operational Costs

Reduce LifeCycle Costs

Improving Process Efficiency & Safety

Analytical & Optical Instrumentation

Wireless Instrumentation


Control Line Protectors Coring Services

Control Valves, Regulators

Controls & Automation

Industrial Cybersecurity

Electrical Apparatus

Electrical Measurement Recording

Electronics and Electronic Components

Flow measurement and Control Products

Software Engineering

Sub-Surface Systems

Tank Measurement

Telemetry & Computer Control


Decision Support System

High Plant Availability

Integrate Control and Safety Systems

Spare Parts & Consumables

Remote Monitoring

Level Measurement

Valve Automation

Gauges and Meters

Hydraulic Engineering Products

Instruments and Controls



Meteorology Sensing/ Equipment

Metering Systems





Pressure Testing System/ Instruments

Repairs & Service



Transport Equipment


Vibration Monitoring Systems

Who will you meet?

Instrumentation Engineers

They are the end users of instrumentaion equipments. Who can tell the issues and requirements better than them! Be it for the equipment manufacturers, the R & D professionals or service providers; instrumentation equipment improvement requirements cannot be better explained by anybody else.

Service Providers

Service Providers support the maintenance and repair of the equipments thereby improving the performance and uptime of equipments.

Automation Professionals

Performance, Safety and Efficiency of any plant depends on the automation systems used by the plant. A strong automation team plays a major role to ensure maximum performance for the plant.

R&D/ Scientists/ Standards Professionals

They set the standards for the equipment design, technology. They are the ones whose efforts brings in the improvements in the equipments.

Maintenance Professionals

For a longer life of the equipment, proper maintenance is required for the equipments. without them, the equipment will not run long.

Equipment Manufacturers

The manufacturers play a major role in continually evolving the equipments according to the needs of the end users and the industry.

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Join us to witness the industry transformation for oil gas and energy sector. Here we introduce these pioneers – the protagonists in new ideas, new technology, new business models and new forms of work.

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Why MEICA 2021



IN The Emirates.

An industrial giant returns to its former strength

UAE being the emerging market followed by many common wealth countries in the world, after initiating the gate way for international trade opportunities and identified as the top destination globally for foreign direct investment, surpassing international market.

Dubai being one of the fastest growing economy in the world with the rate of 4.5% and it can play a major role in providing strength to global economy that is facing a slowdown.

Dubai as a leading industrialized region is selected for the MEICA 2021, we welcome you to one of the world’s largest growing economy